About Ahlaam

Purifying Intentions…

I wish that mankind would learn this knowledge  (meaning his knowledge) without even one letter of it being attributed to me. [Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ee]

As-salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh,

This blog will be for the purpose of spreading and sharing Islaamic knowledge.

As for those who wish to ask a question or make a suggestion whilst keeping anonymous, you can send your comments to: ahlaam49@gmail.com

Copyright: There are no copyright on this blog. However, I ask that you give credit to the author (s) and to not change or distort anything.

Jazakumullaah khayr



Comments on: "About Ahlaam" (10)

  1. buthaynah said:

    Maasha’Allah, you finally bothered put a blog up sister lol. I hope you actually continue and not abandon it like myself. Hope to see more updates soon :p


  2. lol yes I have wal-hamdulillaah. I am still weary of it but Inshaa’Allaah I’ll try and post up things that are beneficial. I’ll update soon bi’idnillaah.

    As-salamu ‘alaykum

  3. buthaynah said:

    lol, Glad you updated :p So why is this section still pending eh? :p

  4. are you the same ahlaam from the <edited>?

  5. I thought I replied to your message, yes it is 😀

  6. buthaynah said:

    Ukhti, maasha’Allah, loving what you’re doing here! translatin tuhfa, its awesome! and i see u updated here lol 😀 x

  7. lol yep I’ve updated. Jazaakillaah khayr, hope to hear from you soon Inshaa’Allaah 🙂

  8. asalamu alaikum

    I’m very glad i found your blog, it is very useful and it has some very beautiful articles. may Allah reward u, ameen.


  9. JazakAllah Khayr for the advertising! 😀

  10. Wa iyyak!

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