Ramadaan Timetable

As-salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,


This blessed month has come once again by the mercy of Allaah and we are able to witness it wal-hamdulillaah.

To help us increase our Imaan and get closer to Allaah this month, a friend gave me a simple yet beneficial timetable we can all utilise this month. Fill it in, reep the benefits and you’ll see yourself change. You can edit out the times and activities to suit your daily lifestyle Inshaa’Allaah.

This is a month of blessing, a month of change, a month like no other, so grab onto it for we may not see it again!

Ramadan Timetable

Ramadaan Kareem, kullu ‘aam wantum bikhayr!


Comments on: "Ramadaan Timetable" (4)

  1. Umu maryam said:

    jazakallah khayran for the timetable, it is very simple to follow and very useful.

    ramadan mubarak

  2. Mohammad said:

    jazakAllahkhayr for this, it’ll be the first time I try to adhere to a ramadan timetable. Do you know any places I could find any others>??

  3. Wa iyyak

    Sorry I don’t know, search the net you might find some.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Great Efforts! Nice Blog!
    Masha Allah!
    Have a look at this recently initiated blog
    Hope you will find it useful InshaAllah.
    Jazakallah Khair.

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