Tuhfatul Atfaal [4]

As-salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,  

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حُكْمُ لامِ ألْ وَلامِ الْفِعْلِ


Rule of the laam of ‘al’ and the laam of the verb



لِـلاَمِ أَلْ حَـالاَنِ قَبْـلَ الأَحْـرُفِ ** أُولاَهُمَـا إِظْهَـارُهَـا فَلْتَـعْـرِفِ


The laam of ‘al’ has two conditions (when occurring) before the letters (of the alphabet). The first (condition) of which is idh-haar, so know this.  


قَبْلَ ارْبَعٍ مَعْ عَشْـرَةٍ خُـذْ عِلْمَـهُ ** مِنِ إبْـغِ حَجَّـكَ وَخَـفْ عَقِيمَـهُ


Before four with ten (i.e fourteen), take the knowledge from: Be desirous of your pilgrimage and fear that it becomes barren [1].


ثَانِيهِمَـا إِدْغَامُهَـا فِـي أَرْبَــعِ ** وَعَشْـرَةٍ أَيْضًـا وَرَمْزَهَـا فَـعِ

 The second (of the two conditions) is idghaam in four and ten (i.e fourteen) aswell, so grasp and memorise its combination 

طِبْ ثُمَّ صِلْ رُحْمًا تَفُزْ ضِفْ ذَا نِعَمْ ** دَعْ سُوءَ ظَـنٍّ زُرْ شَرِيفًـا لِلْكَرَمْ


Be good, then join family ties and you will be prosperous. Be hospitable to the one who possesses bounties. Shun evil thought and visit the distinguished for generosity [2].



وَاللاَّمُ الاُولَـى سَمِّهَـا قَمَـرِيَّـهْ ** وَاللاَّمَ الاُخْـرَى سَمِّهَـا شَمْسِيَّـهْ 


And the first laam, call it the lunar laam  and the last laam, call it the solar



وأظْهِـرَنَّ لاَمَ فِـعْـلٍ مُطْلَـقَـا ** فِي نَحْوِ قُلْ نَعَـمْ وَقُلْنَـا وَالْتَقَـى


Observe the clarity of the laam of the verb in gerenal. For example in (the

words), Qul na’am, wa qulnaa and wataqa





 This sentence is composed of 14 letters which the author mentioned which helps with the memorisation of the rules



The 14 letters of idghaam of the laam al-ta’rif is gathered here


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