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Tuhfatul Atfaal [3]

As-salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh,

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The rules of noon and meem mushaddadatayn

وَغُـنَّ مِيـماً ثُـمَّ نُونـاً شُــدِّدَا ** وَسَــمِّ كُـلاً حَـرْفَ غُـنَّةٍ بَـدَا

And apply ghunnah to (the letter) meem, then the noon whereever it has a shadd, and name each (of them) a letter of ghunnah that has appeared.

The rules of meem saakinah



وَالِميـمُ إِنْ تَسْـكُنْ تَجِى قَبْلَ الْهِجَا ** لاَ أَلــفٍ لَيِّــنَةٍ لِــذِى الْحِـجَا

And when the unvowelled meem appears before (the letters of)  the alphabet, with the exception to the soft alif, for the possesor of intellect.

أَحْـكَامُـهَا ثَـلاَثَـةٌ لِمَـنْ ضَبَـطْ ** إِخْـفَاءٌ ادْغَـامٌ وَإِظْـهَـارٌ فَقَــطْ

Its rules are three, for the one who strives for precision: ikhfaa, idghaam and idh-haar only.

فَـالأَوَّلُ الإِخْـفَـاءُ عِنْـدَ الْبَــاءِ ** وَسَـمِّـهِ الشَّفْــوِىَّ لِلْـقُــرَّاءِ

And the first (rule of meem saakinah) is ikhfaa in the case of baa and name it (this ikhfaa) labial in accordance to the quraa’.

وَالثّـَانـى إِدْغَـامٌ بِمِـثْلِـهَا أَتَـى ** وَسَـمِّ إدغـاماً صَـغـِيراً يَا فَـتَى

And the second (rule) is idghaam with its equivalent (meaning another meem) and name it minor idghaam, O serious student.

وَالثـَّالِـثُ الإِظْـهَارُ فِـى الْبَقِيَّـةْ ** مِـنْ أَحْـرُفٍ وَسَـمِّـهَا شَفْوِيَّـهْ

And the third (rule) is idh-haar in the reminding letters and name it labial.

وَاحْـذَرْ لَدَى وَاوٍ وَفَـا أَنْ تَخْتَـفىِ ** لِـقُـرْبِــهَا وَلاتحادِ فَاعْـرِفِ

Be careful of making ikhfaa in the case of waaw and fa (in particular) due to its nearness and concordance (in place of attribute and articulation), so know this/take heed.


Wabillaahi tawfeeq.

I have been asked if I could kindly put tashkeel (diacritical marks) on the arabic so it is easier for the students, bi’idnillaah I will also do this.

May Allaah accept this from me.