Recite from memory!

As-salaamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,

“Trustworthiness was sent down in the depths of the heart of the people, then they learnt it from the Qur‘aan, and then they learnt it from the Sunnah.”



One of the worst habits that could have befallen upon the Ummah is the increase and negligence in memorising texts, from the Qur’aan to the wise  sayings of the scholars.  We see many muslims across the western countries fleeing to Islaamic talks and our echoes to ‘seek ‘Ilm’ has become a national anthem. However, let us ask ourselves how many of us are truly seeking this path? How many of us have taken the time to memorise the Qur’aan? The foundation of knowledge.

It has become even more appauling that Qur’aan teachers are so scarce to find. Yet when you enter the masaajid, instead of being welcomed by the sweet recitation of the Qur’aan, you will hear people quarreling about Fiqh issues when they have not even memorised the Qur’aan, nor do they have the knowledge to be discussing such matters!

Imaam Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdaadi (rahimahullaah) said:

“It is fitting for a student that he begins with the memorisation of the Book of Allaah (the Mighty and Majestic). Since it is the greatest of the branches of knowledge and that which should be placed first and given precedence.”

So why have we seen the raise of this culture that has left the memorisation of the Qur’aan as being something that is not sought? Alot of time we see students becoming almost distressed at the idea of memorising the whole Qur’aan. If the 7 year old boy can memorise it then we can too. If the 80 year old grandmother can memorise it, then we can too!

Allaah (exalted and glorified be he) said:

وَقُرْآناً فَرَقْنَاهُ لِتَقْرَأَهُ عَلَى النَّاسِ عَلَى مُكْثٍ وَنَزَّلْنَاهُ تَنزِيلاً


“And (it is) a Qur‘aan which We have divided (into parts) in order that you recite it to men at intervals. And we have sent it down in stages.” [Al-Isra’:106]

As the ayaah indicates, the Qur’aan was revealed in stages and Muslims across the world and through various times have also memorised it in stages. Memorisation of the Qur’aan is a wonderful thing and something that requires to be revived. But let us not think it will be easy, we must work hard to achieve it. 

And we see amongst us those who spend their time memorising ahadeeth and focusing all their energy on other sciences that they consider to be ‘exciting’. Whilst the copies of the Qur’aan have been abandoned to the extent that you see dust particles slowly coasting itself on these copies of the Qur’aan.

It is time to revive the way of the past. To tred the paths of those who had carved it with their bare hands. This is our chance to re-capture what we have lost before it is too late. How beautiful is it to have the words of Allaah engraved in our hearts, delicately treasured so it may constantly be with us wherever we go.  So I end with the words of the great Imaam.

Imaam Shafi’ee (rahimahullaah) said:


علمي معي حيثما يممت يتبعني ** قلبي وعاء له لا جوف صندوق

My knowledge is (always) with me; wherever I desire (to go) it follows me. My heart is a container for it (the knowledge), not a hollow inside a chest.

إن كنت في البيت كان العلم فيه معي ** أو كنت في السوق كان العلم في السوق

If i’m at home, the knowledge is there with me. Or if I am in the market-place then the knowledge is in the market-place.



Comments on: "Recite from memory!" (3)

  1. Subhanallah! this is such a beautiful reminder and it is so true, we defo as muslims need to go back to memorising qur’an. plz make dua for me dat I can memorise.

  2. Asalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!

    Oh Allah I ask you to awaken hearts that become restless for your verses so that you let them hear it from the tongue of your loved ones. Oh Allah I ask you to raise these hearts reciting to you in a way that pleases you. Oh Allah grant these hearts that purity to remember your book forever and the ability to take from the wisdom behind every letter. Ameen

  3. Wa ‘alaykum salaam warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh,

    Aameen! Jazaakallaah khayr for the great dua Sadiq, Allaah ma’ak!

    Hayaat-Inshaa’Allaah, may Allaah make the Qur’aan easy for you. Aameen!

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