As-salamu ‘alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh,


الأعمالُ بالنيات


“Verily actions are based on intentions…” [1]

In reference to this hadeeth Imaam Shafi’ee (rahimahullaah) said: “This hadeeth constitutes to a third of all knowledge.”

Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullaah) said: The basis of Islaam is upon three ahadeeth:

-Umar’s hadeeth: ‘Verily actions are based on intentions…” [2]

Ibn Nuqtah (rahimahullah) said: “So this hadeeth is one of the ahadeeth which are the pillars of correct understanding of our upright and true religion” [3]

Khaalid Ibn Khadaash narrated to us…that Ayyoub cried one time, so we looked at him and he said:

“It’s just a cold that I get from time to time.”

He cried another time until it became clear he was crying, he said:

“If a man reaches an old age, he becomes sick.” [4]


To what extent do we go to ensure that our intentions are always pure?


[1] Narrated by Bukhaari and Muslim

[2] Jaami’ Uloom Wal-Hikkam by Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali

[3] At-Taqyeed by Ibn Nuqtah

[4] Al-Ikhlaas Wan-Niyyah by Ibn Abi Dunyaa


Comments on: "Pure" (7)

  1. subhanallah! jzk for the reminder.

  2. Wa iyyak

  3. I just want to type this because when I learned about the idea of sincerety, I started to do good deeds secretly thinking of it to be the best way to keep a deed intended for the sake of Allah alone, however I took it too far and ended up giving up actions in the company of others for the fear that my intentions would go astray.

    Then there came a time when Allah guided me to attended the gathering of people that were pious and sincere and I realised that they would mention there good deeds infront of people. This made me think that these guys were not so pious at first and may Allah pretect me as I thought I was more sincere than them.

    Then my lord gave me a small insight of the lives of these men and I realised that I was unable to see the level of sincerety they had due to my own faults. It was after I read a statement that I came across, I cannot find it anymore but I remember its meaning very vagely, not word for word but still want to share it over here.

    “The true lovers of Allah are those who, whether people see their actions or not, their intentions remain for the sake of their beloved”

    So all praise are for Allah who shows his humble slaves the way to his love. Blessed be his beloved forever.

  4. One should in practice perform good deeds whilst cheking the intention at the beginning, middle and end of the good deed, however if one feels that their intentions have been insincere to Allah then they should repent to him. The good deed should not be postponed or stopped. Allah is the one who knows the best.

  5. I typed the wrong email. This is the correct one

  6. Subhanallaah that is very true, jazakallaah khayr for your input!

    One’s good deeds should not deminish simply due to people witnessing it.

  7. Mars Free Games said:

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